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On December 4th, 2016, Butler, Missouri residents Lance E Sargent and Justin M Osburn had the very first conversation about a security product that would enhance current ALICE Training in active shooter school situations. Lance, who is currently a Nevada High School Teacher recently participated in ALICE Training and wanted to design a product which eliminated human resource from securing interior school doors.

After looking over the concept, both men initiated patent protection and an extensive patent search. Shortly after that, Lance and Justin formed Sargent and Osburn Security Systems, LLC DBA SOS Systems, LLC and initiated a TradeMark on their prized product naming it “The Guardian Angel: Securing the Innocent”. The two men decided to do a field test and video recorded the deployment of the device. The video was then put on Facebook for feedback and received over 5,000 views in a few short days. Toward the middle of February, the most recent prototype was completed (6th Generation). A local radio show picked up the story and Justin and Lance also found consultation from the SCORE program, a derivative of the Small Business Association. The product is scheduled to go to market in early March 2016.

Meet Our team

Lance E Sargent

I was born in Odessa, TX. I have lived in Butler, Missouri since 1983. I graduated High School in Butler in 1990. I graduated from UCM with a Bachelor’s degree in Education. I taught from 1996-2002. I then owned my own Construction Company for 10 years 2002-2012 where I built over 200 commercial and residential buildings. I went back to teaching in 2013 and am currently employed by the Nevada R-V school district. I was married to Renee Miller Sargent in 1992. We have three children Breann, Baustin, and Brooklyn.

Guardian Angel


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For the price of a textbook

we can add a layer of protection...

Superintendent Frank Dahman Missouri, United States

The Guardian Angel can transform

a room that is not deemed a safe lockdown room into a room that is safe

Eric Cameron, former Air Marshal Missouri, United States

This product is a one-of-a-kind

and will prove to exceed expectations

Superintendent Ryan Middleton Missouri, United States

As an Active School Shooter Instructor

I think this product helps slow or stops an intruder from getting into a classroom

Sheriff Chad Anderson Bates County, Missouri

I'm just glad to be part of something

that will possibly help save lives

Lance Sargent, Co-Owner Missouri, United States

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