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UCLA Staff and Students Forced to Use Their Belts to Lock Doors During Yesterday’s Terrifying Murder Suicide

UCLA Staff and Students Forced to Use Their Belts to Lock Doors During Yesterday’s Terrifying Murder Suicide

As a father, and a business owner in the door security industry, the articles I have read about the shooting at UCLA yesterday are very tough to read.   The reported in an online article written by Chris Pleasance and Wills Robinson on 1 June 2016, “UCLA staff and students were forced to use their belts to lock doors during yesterday’s terrifying murder suicide which left two men dead.  A campus-wide emergency urged everyone to find shelter and lock the door until police could secure the situation.  But many students discovered they were unable to properly lock the doors and had to improvise by moving furniture to prevent the gunman from entering.  Students said there were chaotic scenes as they tried to barricade themselves behind doors.  Some claimed they had to use photocopiers and foosball tables to wedge shut the door.”

The article went on to report, “‘It was just a little surreal – this is actually happening,’ Cabadas said. ‘It was chaos.  We kept our eye on the door.  We knew that somebody eventually could come,’ he said, acknowledging the terror he felt.”

A lot of money, time and resources continue to pour into our educational facilities to keep our staff and children safe in the event of a terrible, active shooter situation.  Administrators are searching everyday for options they can not only afford but also offers the greatest layer of protection.

UCLA Students Improvise Door SecurityGuardian Angel Door Security Device Deployed

UCLA improvised door security    The Guardian AngelTM deployed

Priorities… when I see school systems invest large amounts of resource in tech, smart cameras and other equipment, but have failed to secure their doors, I continue to shake my head.  In a lockdown, just like yesterday, staff and students desperately need a “right now” option to put something between them and the shooter(s).   Attempting to use belts and ropes to hold a door closed in this environmental climate is not acceptable.  In our experience, the top priorities a school can invest in to provide a secure lockdown is a solid door and a door security device like the Guardian AngelTM.  Our device deploys in less than 15 seconds, arms the staff with pepper spray and provides the students a chance to get away from the door and take cover, with assurance our device will stop, slow or thwart the shooter from breaching their door.

There are several door devices on the market, and some are better than others.  Lets just remember this event when attempting to prioritize resources to keep our schools safe.  For more information on how our company can assist, visit our website or email me at  You can also call me at 660.227.1123.

Our prayers and thoughts are with the Klug family, …such a tragedy.  We also are praying for the students and staff who experienced this horrific situation.

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Justin M. Osburn is a door security expert and owns and operates SOS Systems, LLC.  SOS Systems manufactures  a patent-protected, active-shooter interior door security device called the Guardian Angel.  It stops, slows and/or thwarts active shooters from accessing classrooms or offices or any other type of room.  Need a speaker about school safety or want to learn how to protect your school using door security devices?  Call Justin at 660.227.1123 or email him at

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2 Jun 2016