Guardian Angel - Securing the innocent

KMAM/KMOE 92.1 broadcasts story about the Guardian Angel

KMAM/KMOE 92.1 broadcasts story about the Guardian Angel

This story was broadcast starting February 29th, 2016 by KMAM/KMOE 92.1 Butler, Missouri

Two Butler men hit the Nation with the invention of, “ The Guardian Angel”.

Lance Sargent a Nevada School Teacher  and Justin Osburn of Max Motors Dealership are on their way to National recognition after the 6thProto-Type the final adjustments have been made to a device that bolts and protects against intruders.

“ The Guardian Angel” device has a key box with deployment time of 15 seconds to keep intruders from entering a school or a classroom the device will also deploy within 2 seconds to recoil and let students and  teachers out of the room/building.

“ The Guardian Angel “ should be on the market by Monday February 29th . The Safety device was the brainstorm of a Nevada School Teacher,  Lance Sargent  and Justin Osburn of Max Motors  both of Butler.

After attending a Terrorist Training Class with a device that seemed inadequate… Sargent began the first steps to develop “ something that has to be better”. Sargent stated, “ I couldn’t of done this without the encouragement and assistance  of Justin Osburn, he pushed me to keep creating and it has turned into something neither men imagined. The most important thing… it that the development of, “ The Guardian Angel” will save lives.

The safety device should be on the Market within weeks .  View the video on line at :

29 Feb 2016